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March on the Oathbreakers. by lightningbarer March on the Oathbreakers. by lightningbarer
The Aiel, or more precisely a part of a clan, more on
that in a lil bit.

This is based, for those who are either new to the Wheel
of Time or those who don't know of it,
set around twenty or so years before the start of the
Eye of the World. Many years before this, the
Aiel gave the people of Cairhien a cutting of the Tree
of Life (Avendesora) which they named Avendoraldera
At this time the current king of Cairhien King Laman
Damondred cut the gift that the Aiel had given his people
down to fashion a very elaborate throne. The Aiel didn't
take the news well... goes.

This picture shows one Society of One Sept Of One Clan of
the Four Clans that journeyed over the Dragonwall to gain
the vengance against The Cairhienin. The Clan is probably
Tarradd, the Sept Cold Rocks Hold, the Society is either
Red Shields or Stone Dogs. Now, they does look much, but
take into consideration that there are around fifteen
Societies in the Aiel and together there were Sixty
representatives that journeyed to the west.

That a
lot of Aiel...

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March 10, 2007
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